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Our Services Include,  but not limited to:

  • Rent Collection

  • Accounts Payable

  • Financial Reporting

  • Insurance Procurement

  • Supervision of Employees

  • Repairs

  • Purchasing

  • Handling of Violations

  • On Site Inspections

  • Attendance at Cooperative Meetings

  • Negotiating Store & Office Leases

  • Meetings with Owners

Attention: Applications
If you are submitting a sublease or purchase application, please check if the building is on Domecile using the teal button. In the event that the building is live on Domecile, paper copies of your application will not be accepted. The entire application must be completed and submitted via Domecile.

Please note that all payments should be sent to our office address below:

34-03 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11106

If you wish to make electronic payments using your checking account at no cost to you, or if you wish to receive emailed billing statements, please click on the "Payments" link above to register with ClickPay.*

*Only applies to buildings that are eligible for ClickPay


Online Payments

Click below to access ClickPay, our payment processing partner. 




Who we are:

First Management Corp. is a full-service Real Estate Management firm. We offer hands on property management for residential, cooperative, condominium and commercial properties. Along with our most modern computer system and property management programs, First Management Corporation will work towards producing the lowest cost and best operation for your property. More importantly, we believe in maintaining a close working relationship with our clients to insure that they are always informed of the status of their investment. You will find that our staff is always there to answer your questions and deal with any problems. Our background experience and attitude places us in the forefront of property management.


Our Commitment:

We understand that unit owners and residents combined make a substantial investment in their property and place high value on both the physical condition of the community and its financial well-being. To complete these objectives, First Management Corp. takes a proactive role and provides guidance to help maintain the high standards expected of the community. In essence, we act more as a long-term owner than as a temporary caretaker.

Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance:


Regular and preventive maintenance are dependent on systematic building inspections and scheduled procedures. Complete inspections of the building, its systems and equipment, and outside areas are performed periodically and a log is kept by the Field Manager. Surprise inspections are made from time to time, sufficient to keep building staff alert, but not so frequent as to interfere with the working relationship that is so crucial between building staff and corporate management. We urge our clients to maintain their buildings and mechanical systems in top working order. We believe that there are no savings in deferred maintenance and that preventive maintenance is not only less expensive in the long run, but assists in avoiding the disruptions and hazards of structural or equipment failure. You will always get someone who has five, ten or more years experience.  





Tel: 718-726-4792


  • Full accounts payable and receivable department that monitors all bills and rent collections

  • All aspects of leasing including renewals, new tenants, commercial leasing

  • Maintenance of all buildings files and storage

  • Monthly reporting of all financials delivered to you by mail or internet

  • Day to day supervision of all building wide employees and structures

  • Obtaining competitive bids and contractors from all service vendors

  • Periodic building inspections

  • Initiating and following all legal actions pertaining to the property

  • Appearances in both landlord tenant courts and city & state violation dismissals

  • DHCR and MCI fillings

  • Overseeing the conversion of apartments coming out of rent stabilization

  • 24 Hour Emergency number available to all tenants

  • Many other services available





34-03 Broadway,

Astoria, NY 11106 

Phone: 718-726-4792

Fax: 718-932-4750

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